Working with Outer Order Inner Peace Organizing guides you to improve your relationship with your belongings, so you don't feel tethered to items and collections you no longer need.
We work with clients in the greater Philadelphia area, Montgomery County, Bucks County, Delaware County, and southern New Jersey.
Things we love: Basement clean-outs. Purging prior to a move. Packing and moving preparation. Unpacking and helping families in settled in thoughtfully organized homes. Cleaning out a house prior to a sale.
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Outer Order Inner Peace Organizing works with a wide variety of clients who have a full spectrum of reasons for seeking out a professional organizer. You can see our full menu of services here. Here are just a few ways in which we work our magic:

Accumulated Clutter Cleanse: Helping individuals and families live lighter, and edit down years of accumulated possessions. (We're looking at you, playrooms, spare bedrooms, and home offices that serve as in-home storage units).

Organizing and Purging Prior to a Move: Providing guidance to individuals and families who are preparing to move and want to "purge" so they don't need to move things they may not actually use or need. For those who have just moved, we unpack and and organize their possessions in super-efficient, visually-beautiful systems.

Downsizing Preparation: Creating a comprehensive gameplan for individuals and couples who are preparing to downsize and move to a smaller residence.

Hoarding Help: Providing relief to individuals who struggle with obsessive hoarding or individuals whose collections may be causing conflict in their relationships.


Read about the Benefits of Working with a Professional Organizer. Need help with a different kind of organizing project? Please see our full Menu of Services, or text (267) 291-4148 for more information, or fill out our prospective client form (takes 10 seconds!) to get started.